Sexy, sultry, mysterious and hidden.
Previously marked as a villain, “the masked man.”
The daring, the invaders and the hero.

Today the mainstay, the protection, the fabric / the guard interfacing as our life depends on it.
Our control!
Waiting for this universal catastrophe to end.

Tomorrow unknown.
Even then, like the eucalyptus aiding the exhale, inhaling deeply healing the wounds of a year.
Can we let go?

Our destiny?
The possibility of more pandemics?
People dependent on how well we supersede the molecules and seasonal vigilance.
Masks in the future?

Author: Violet

My name is Maria. I am a Holistic Nutritionist. I find creative ways to help restore health. I use food as a creative design palate with other modalities that recharge and restore us including sound healing and poetry♡

6 thoughts on “Masks”

      1. I’m just thinking… Every poem is different, and unique in own way. Perhaps I’d be better saying its my favourite. Likely, you’ve got ones that are in your top drawer club?
        In my case I could pick many of my articles that I like to go back and read again.


  1. Good question! I suppose because it’s a topic that effects me personally too..
    Also, whether we admit it or not, we all have a dark villain within, and you’ve touched on that. This time the mask becomes the salvation.


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