Of mixed culture, not fitting in one or the other.
The core of a culture, the abandoned of parents.

People making their own outspoken decisions. Grabbing what isn’t theirs, denying what is, as if it was theirs to make.

Add mix-ture, add salt,
add acceptance and doubt, add variety, add strength, add hope and love, add peace.
A double-edged sword.



A strength from within, a knowledge from before.

A parallel universe, one where I longed to be part of, but never fit in.
Another that I lived in, but never was apart of, like a stranger looking in.

Cold in this freezing weather, longing for the burning sun.

Is a childhood always like this, waiting for the future?
Secrets held within, waiting for the moment?

The cultures are two, that I have been lucky enough to know.
My daughter has the pride of always belonging, yet with cautious steps… it is her legacy of love.