Disbelief and lies carry us on the wind of change. Continents are ravaged with this unseen phantom.

The hidden pathogens carried unknowingly by everyday people. A pandemic of disbelief, burying the truth, misrepresented action and failed emergency.

Mask’s worn, business’s lost, people without food, hiding inside, thinking anew, when will this end?

That fateful breath, the accidental brush, the distance between us, the fear to touch. Life in the distance, we love so much.

Sobered by the souls that have passed, healing our future, protecting our children, walking within change and new boundries.

Author: Violet

My name is Maria. I am a Holistic Nutritionist. I find creative ways to help restore health. I use food as a creative design palate with other modalities that recharge and restore us including sound healing and poetry♡

5 thoughts on “Pandemic”

  1. This is wonderful, Mary… The poem, I mean, not the pandemic!
    The fear to touch… Yet we need touch.
    Burying the truth… Some have benefitted hugely by this.

    We are fragile beings. Likely go the way of the dinosaurs at some point. In the meantime, keep writing! Hugs from us here in Dungarvan.


    1. Thank you Pad! I finally have all but three copyrighted so now I will post one a week!
      Glad I remembered how to tag, it’s been some months now.
      I have 37 poems written. Some from when I was still a older teen.


  2. I discovered today that if I put more than 15 tags in a post, WordPress will not allow readers to see it in the Reader because it’s classified as spam. Not 100% sure, but for sake of simplicity, don’t use 15+.


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