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Hemp Balls ~keto, paleo and vegetarian

2/3 cup organic almond butter 1 cup unsweetened natural raw coconut 1-1/2 table spoon butter (Kerrygold) 2 tblsp. whole earth plant based sugar base (Erythritol & Monk fruit). 3/4 cup or more of Organic Hemp hearts 1/3 cup Lily’s unsweetened chocolate chips Mix and scoop up with a small melon ball scoop. These balls are…


What we must walk through.What life has asked of us.Challenged every day.Asked to stand and lead in the midst of controversy and danger.Shot in her home, there is no excuse.A knee on your neck, mama called out, deceased on the street.Racially profiled in your own neighborhood, violence steps in.Lead in the city’s water, generations left…


Peace, I saw you today.We were together.Our sisters and brothers were there.We were one.There was no difference to be seen.We were comfortable.Our lives entwined, our hearts adjusted to a new reality.The old and the young.The sighted and the blind.Our countries diversity, without divide,was seen and celebrated.We thrived.It is reflected in our eyes, solidarity prevails.Divided we…


Sexy, sultry, mysterious and hidden.Previously marked as a villain, “the masked man.”The daring, the invaders and the hero.Today the mainstay, the protection, the fabric / the guard interfacing as our life depends on it.Our control!Waiting for this universal catastrophe to end.Tomorrow unknown.Even then, like the eucalyptus aiding the exhale, inhaling deeply healing the wounds of…


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